As I’ve written many times, the Republican brand, thanks to Democrat marketing (and a complete absence of Republican marketing) is synonymous with racism, hate, ignorance, violence, and misinformation.

Check out this screenshot from Bumble, a dating app in which women “make the first move.”

This woman wrote that she won’t date anyone who smokes or has bad hygiene. But more importantly, she equated Trump supporters – Republicans, with “hate, racism, ignorance, violence, and misinformation.”

This supports my premise that there are many conservatives out there who vote for Democrats because they figure, they’re not racist or homophobic or sexist, and they don’t hate others, so they must be Democrats.

Any Republicans who discount this do this at the peril of the entire party.

Democrats have spent years cultivating this idea that Republicans are full of hate. They hate blacks. They hate gays. They hate women. They hate transgenders. They hate old people. They hate children. Essentially, they hate everyone who isn’t a white male.

And the Republicans, home of the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, have sat back and let Democrats do this – with no pushback or counter-offensive of any sort.

If the Republican Party could address this, it would be the single most important marketing effort they could take on. It should be priority one.

Unfortunately, the GOP is unequipped, and the Democrats, aligned with mainstream media and culture, will continue to solidify the brand.

The Republican Party should not only correct the record and share their history, but they need to go on offense and correctly point out that the Democrat is the Party of Projection and routinely uses these groups to drive a wedge between the American people to push their own agenda – which is good for none of these people.