The foundation of the Democrat Party is based squarely on projection. If you want to know what they are or what they stand for, you simply have to listen to what labels they use to describe conservatives.

Go down the list…

  • racism
  • sexism
  • homophobic
  • anti-science
  • uneducated
  • fascist
  • wealthy
  • intolerant

The list is longer, but these are the ones you hear most often, so let’s address them.

Democrats can’t look three feet without seeing a racist. They see racism everywhere, in everything. This is partly because they see race.

When Democrats see a black person, they think, there’s someone who can’t get their own ID, can’t make it to college, can’t get a job, and can’t get a fair shake from law enforcement. And their political hopes rely on keeping racism alive. Seeing these as race issues is, inherently, racist.

If you think someone can’t get an ID just because they’re black, that is determining, based solely on race, that someone is not capable of doing something most everyone else can.

Conversely, conservatives talk about people, not about particular races. And the conservative record on race issues is pretty stellar: stood against slavery, resisted attempts by the Democrat-created KKK to intimidate them, passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and hundreds of other examples of being on the right side of equal rights for blacks.

On sexism and, for that matter, assault, Democrats almost own this category outright. Look no further than Bill Clinton. But if you have to, you’ll find Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, John Conyers, Al Franken, Joe Biden, Eric Bauman, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner… (the list goes on).

And compare the outrage they displayed at the Kavanaugh allegations, while having quietly decided Joe Biden is OK, just as feminists (the pre #MeToo movement) looked the other way at Bill Clinton.

Like issues of race, Democrats don’t think the gay community is capable of fitting into society, so they bend over backwards to make special concessions for them every chance they get. Sure, this sounds like they’re on the side of homosexuals.

But as with blacks, Democrats see gays as people who can’t fit in or function in society without their help. Inherent in this view is the idea they’re not capable of making due on their own. And consider the Democrats loud support of Islam, a religion who tortures and executes gays, when they’re not throwing them off buildings to an excited crowd below.

The conservative stance on gays is the same as every other target group: they’re people, and they should have no more or less rights than anyone else. They shouldn’t have special rights, and shouldn’t be treated as if they’re somehow different than anyone else. When gays call attention to themselves with events like the Pride parade, conservatives bristle because they don’t think anyone should be having a special parade to celebrate their gender, skin color, religion, or even hair color, for that matter.

We covered the anti-science label yesterday, but it’s an easy one. Democrats believe only in the “science” of models that predict the future, but reject the science that proves them inaccurate.

Meanwhile, conservatives are never satisfied with just taking people at their word. They’re far more likely to do their own research and check the facts.

Democrats love to tout how educated and sophisticated they are. They certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in the sea of rubes that is the Midwest. And yet, when it comes time to vote, who do Democrats work hardest to recruit? They go after uninformed college kids, people in poor neighborhoods, and people who otherwise don’t follow news or issues and weren’t planning on voting.

Conservatives have always believed people should vote if they want, and stay home if they don’t. They believe people will make the best decisions for themselves, and we shouldn’t be compelling them to do things they don’t want.

The fascist label is my particular favorite, because it illustrates just how uneducated Democrats are. Fascism is a dictatorial form of government in which the government is in tight control of society. Hitler is a good example.

Yet, who’s the first to compare people to Hitler? It’s Democrats, talking about conservatives. The problem is, only anarchists and libertarians are for less government control and involvement than conservatives. Democrats are enjoying a fling with socialism right now, which is just one step away from fascism. Both involve heavy government control of business and society.

When it comes to wealth, you need money to afford being a Democrat. Look at the billionaires in this country: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, to name a few. All support Democrats because all can afford to.

Democrats put a lot of stock into wealth, which is why they talk about it constantly. But conservatives aren’t afraid of being poor, because they realize money is not the key to happiness. They also have faith in their ability to work their way out of poverty.

And that last of the great Democrat labels for conservatives is intolerant. It’s all because conservatives won’t argue for special rights for interest groups. They believe that everyone should have the same rights.

You will never hear conservatives working to censor opposing views. Meanwhile, tolerant liberals work overtime to silence conservatives, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter banning conservatives or college campuses shutting down free speech.

Democrats, aided by corporate Democrat-controlled media, have done an amazing job of branding conservatives as racist, sexist, homophobe, fascists – all with the goal of destroying the opposition. And thanks to the Republican’s marketing department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing departments, the labels have been allowed to stick.

But then, that’s why the Bubbler. It’s easy to see that the entire Democrat platform is projection. Do horrible things and accuse conservatives of doing them. And why would they stop? The Republican Party has done nothing to make them think it won’t work.