What would happen if conservatives simply decided to join Antifa.

Sure, the whole destruction, assault and battery, and getting in everyone’s faces things is pretty opposed to what most conservatives believe, but the ultimate target of Antifa isn’t far off.

Antifa is after the powerful. Sometimes they get mixed in with Black Lives Matter activists, and that makes them seem pretty pro-communism.

But if their really going to own their name – Anti-fascism – then how about conservatives join the movement, in mass numbers, and make them truly own it. Why don’t conservatives, who are also anti-fascism, join the ranks with enough numbers that they can start influencing operations.

It gets easier to argue every day that the time for violent (or at least aggressive) opposition is nearing, if not at hand. The leftist federal government arguably stole the election, or at best, took it under the false pretense of a 1000 daily lies about Donald Trump and conservatives (Russian collusion, “good people on both sides,” inject yourself with bleach, etc).

Our rights, freedoms, and liberties are disappearing daily as free speech is replaced by cancel culture and de-platforming. This is no small thing, unless you’re comfortable living under tyranny.

I know. Many Americans just can’t fathom or believe there are actually people influencing our culture, politics, and way of life that would actually mean us harm, intentionally inflict pain, or simply don’t care. Unfortunately, there are. And we’re just sitting back and accepting it.

Infiltrating Antifa would serve the dual purposes of stopping senseless violence on innocent people just living in a neighborhood or trying to get home at night, but would also redirect their operations toward targets more deserving – say leftist militia groups, powerful but unelected bureaucrats, or oppressive leftist state and national government officials.

By joining Antifia, conservatives could help educate them and refocus their efforts away from wanton violence and toward more focused protest efforts.

After all, neither conservatives nor Antifa want fascism. That is what we’re all fighting right now. Since we have the big cause in common, why not join forces and put our power to good?