Thanks to poor (or sinister) leftist public school education, we’ve finally reached the tipping point when the majority of this country’s citizens no longer have a proper understanding of what the federal government truly is.

Too many believe that we were all meant to be governed by the federal government. That the federal government was meant to enact laws, or sign dictatorial executive orders, that would apply to all of us.

That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

In our republic, the states were intended to have the bulk of the power. State’s rights. This is the idea that the states are free to determine the rules and laws under which the citizens want to live.

The federal government was intended only to take care of the union, as a whole. In other words, the only powers given to the federal government (yes, given) were those that would protect the 50-state union.

The defense of the nation is the most obvious example. Yes, each state has laws regarding their own defense forces, and 25 states actually do have their own State Defense Force (SDF… it’s a real thing). But together, the states get together and pay taxes, in part, to fund all branches of the military for the common defense.

Most people, sadly, would be surprised to know that federal income taxes didn’t even exist until 1913, and they weren’t even possible until the ratification of the 16th Amendment, in 1909, when Democrats convinced progressive Republicans to pass it.

(Strange that when conservatives point out they, through the Republican Party, have always been opposed to slavery and racism, the Democrats point out there was a great shift in the 60s, and now Republicans hate black people. But on the tax issue, I guess conservatives have stayed consistent. You’d think as long as they were shifting their fundamental beliefs on slavery, they’d consider other foundational elements of their belief system…)

We never had federal income taxes because it was never the intention of the founders that the federal government would be that involved in the day-to-day rules, laws, or lives of the entire population.

The federal government was only supposed to handle matters of applying to all states, like national defense, and infrastructure, along with representing the union to foreign entities for the sake of things like tariff negotiation and diplomatic relations.

Things like Social Security, the War on Poverty, the Great Society, No Child Left Behind, and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) were never intended as programs the federal government would ever foist upon the nation.

But as we lost touch with the origins of our country, we allowed ourselves to be slowly taken over by people who didn’t trust the populace with the freedom guaranteed in our Constitution.

Slowly, we continued to slide down the slippery slope of collectivism, or socialism, as we were guided by such people away from the freedom and liberty inherent in our original capitalist system.

And here we are today, losing our freedom, our free speech rights, our gun rights, and our jobs and personal incomes. We’ve effectively turned over our economy and our personal rights to a federal government leviathan that cares nothing for the will or personal prosperity of its people.

All this because we lost the knowledge. We lost site of what the federal government was really intended to be. We became, as a whole, uneducated.

Hopefully, this helps everyone understand why the leftist take over of our public education system was so critical in toppling the United States, as it was intended.

Because fixing that, and the national media that resulted, is the only way we’re going to solve our problems.