I’ve read many books and taken many courses about American History. Never have I run across a section on the great regulations in American history.

America did not become the greatest nation on the earth through government regulations. Quite the opposite. It was by turning people loose and allowing them to pursue their ideas, without restraint, that made us the superpower we became.

We don’t need someone to tell us how much water we can use in the shower, how much salt we can put on our food, what food we can eat, how high we can mow our grass, how many miles to the gallon our cars must get, how many times we must wash our hands at work or anything else.

Every time something exceptional happens to anyone, a government bureaucrat writes a new rule making sure that never happens again. And then the government grows when we have to hire people to enforce it all.

Maybe if we treat adults like adults and leave them to resolve their disputes without the guidance of a government bureaucrat, we might just be all right.