Ever since I’ve been alive, I’ve heard that conservatives are all rich and live to get rich by getting in bed with big business. Yet, when you look at who the biggest donors to Democrat candidates have been, it’s a who’s who of business leaders from large cities across the country To be sure, many large businesses also donate to Republicans.

To me, the more important point is why would any corporate leaders support Democrats at all? For years, Democrats have rallied against “Big Business.”

In early 2009, Democrat politicians were rallying people to protest CEOs at their homes. A few years later, the Occupy Wall Street movement saw protests all over the country against CEOs. Liberals constantly talk about raising taxes on the wealthy and putting an end to corporate welfare. Democrats slam “Wall Street” (code for “Big Business”) as being greedy and getting rich on the backs of the middle class. So if the Democrats have it in for business, why do business leaders give them so much support?

As a conservative, I’ve wondered this for years. But finally one day, a friend of mine (a liberal) pointed out a reason that has since seemed obvious – because liberal economic policies destroy small business – which means they destroy competition.

If it’s more difficult for creative thinkers to get money to start a new business, there’s less chance that the next innovation that would take on established corporations will ever come to light.

But big companies know that when liberal politicians tax them, they simply pass the tax burden on to the rest of the country through layoffs, less hiring and higher prices on their products. When this happens, our economy slows down. Then it’s more difficult to find investors or to get the credit necessary to start a new business. Many of those who would otherwise start a new business find themselves taking jobs at established corporations to pay the bills.

Liberal politicians favor big business because there’s fewer of them – making it easier to control them. Small businesses are important to the economy because that’s where most jobs are created. In general, big businesses don’t create jobs. They purchase the small businesses that do. Since many small businesses end up under the umbrella of larger businesses, government knows they can control them all by controlling the largest corporations.

Liberals talk about helping the little guy, and I think their concern is very real. Unfortunately, their policies place an obstacle between the “little guy” and the ability to achieve his dreams. That roadblock allows the established corporations of this country to remain in business while preventing new businesses to establish themselves and hire new workers.

Despite what’s said about conservatism, it’s a philosophy that romantically celebrates the success stories. Conservatives love to hear about the person who works hard, develops a new idea and creates jobs. They love it because they love to see the individual succeed. But they also love it because they know that when one succeeds, they bring a many people with them in the way of jobs and innovation – which benefits everyone.