We’re an irredeemable country of racists and bigots. Or so we’re told by white liberals who have decided they’re racist.

As we discover our supposed white privilege in this new era of found racism, those who’ve decided all whites are racist are really getting angry at those of us whites who are pushing back on the narrative.

Those of us who’ve viewed, seen, considered, and treated everyone equally are simply confused and irritated by those whites who are now enlightened enough to see their own racism and privilege. And apparently, it’s lonely at the top.

So they’re coming down from the mountains to let us know we’re racist, too. But this isn’t news. They’ve been calling us racist all along. Maybe they think this is more convincing?

Perhaps this is progress. It used to be these people just called everyone else racist. Now they’re justifying labeling everyone else racist by saying that they, too, are racist. Is this the “safety in numbers” approach?

One possibility they haven’t considered is 1+1=2. They, themselves, have issues with race that are exclusive to them.

The rest of us just haven’t put that much mental energy into it. We’ve just been going along treating everyone like individual people. Jerks get treated as jerks. Cool guys get treated as cool guys. Skin color, gender, etc… Didn’t really notice or care.

I guess we’re down to this. Playground 101. It takes one to know one.