This morning, I read in my work email that our CEO is moving his periodic company newsletter from text and graphics to video. In his words, he is “leveraging the unique energy of video.”

Meanwhile, several of the blogs I enjoy reading have recently moved from text to video.

I’ve struggled with the rationale of this move. Those who are moving from text to video probably have a number of reasons. Some that I can think of:

1. Illustrating your understanding of societal trends by using the “latest” abilities
2. Trying to be more dynamic in your posts with the added tones, facial expressions, angles and production
3. Showing things that are better understood by seeing them versus reading a description of them
4. Because it’s easier to film it and upload it than to type it

The only problem is that if you move your blog to video, I’m far less likely to watch it. In fact, it’s nearly definitive that I won’t.

The value of print over video and podcasts is that I can read it at my own pace. I can skim it, skip ahead, go back or decide not to continue reading. In short, I control the experience. Plus, it’s an active experience versus a passive one.This is why people still like holding and reading the written word in print form.

I realize that video players allow you to pause, go back, etc., but it’s still a relatively linear and passive experience. Plus, it requires headphones if I’m on my phone and speakers that I can listen to if I’m in an open work environment.

I’m sure I don’t speak for everyone (unfortunately, I rarely do), but I’m guessing I speak for some when I say that if you want me to stop following your blog, video is one quick step in that direction.