One reason we remember 9/11 is because it’s the most significant, and closest thing we have to an act of war in most of our lifetimes.

There’s no purpose to arguing whether or not Pearl Harbor was more important or significant than 9/11. One got us into a world war, and the other let us know we were years behind in a war being fought against us.

I think the significance of 9/11 is that never, before then, have we, the United States, truly understood the lengths at which some people on the other side of the world will go to destroy us and wipe us off the map.

And while we’d never, as a nation. admit this… I think it also showed us how vulnerable we really are and how difficult it is to fight a war against seemingly nobody.

The people who did this, while maybe sponsored by a country, aren’t A country. They don’t speak for or represent a country, or even a people. They represent an idea, or possibly a god.

And the problem is they’re everywhere, but nowhere. There’s no way to know how many, if any, of people affiliated with those who hijacked the planes live in this country. We don’t even truly know how many there are in the world.

That’s part of the war. To keep us tense and on our toes… which is exhausting.

Our world changed on 9/11 when we realized we may never truly know total peace ever again.