No one is surprised that the Breonna Taylor ruling lead to waves or protests. Those protests were pre-planned and set to role no matter what the verdict.

To me, the takeaway is how much it underscores how much liberals are governed by emotion over fact.

Contrary to the original narrative, the officers knocked, they announced themselves, and they only fired their guns after Taylor’s boyfriend shot first. She was not asleep, but she apparently was involved in laundering money for her ex-boyfriend, the drug dealer.

So what?

That’s the message from liberals. It doesn’t matter. They still feel really badly about her death, and because she died, and was black, it must have been racism. It just has to have been. Facts be damned.

It just makes them feel so bad. So bad! Don’t you understand?!?!?! This feels really so wrong. So… MAD!!!!

And that is how liberals feel. That is how the Democrat Party governs and approaches every topic they discuss. Facts mean nothing. They just get in the way of so… much… anger.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s fervent last wish is the same thing. She apparently wished that she wouldn’t be replaced until the next President is “installed.” (That she supposedly said “installed” should be telling, in and of itself. Presidents are elected.)

Who cares what the Constitution says? It doesn’t matter that there’s a procedure for this. She wished this. Don’t you see? It was her DYING WISH!!!! Don’t you care about RBG’s dying wish?

Running an entire country on emotion seems really dangerous to me. I’d rather take the people who sometimes seem a little tone deaf, but in the deference of cold hard logic.