Today I had an articulation.

(When I have a revelation, it’s a new idea… a “eureka!” moment. But when I have an articulation, it’s when I finally am able to put words to vague idea that’s been rolling around in my head for awhile.)

I finally figured out the diabolical, but impressively creative, Democrat strategy.

They’ve been doing this in concentrated fashion for the last two or three years, though I think it’s been a vaguely coherent strategy for longer.

In simple terms, they say things that are obvious to everyone, or that everyone does, like they don’t. They call out the obvious as if it’s not obvious to anyone.

Then they tell everyone they should do these obvious and commonplace things, as if they’re not already happening.

By being the people who are telling others to do these obvious things, it looks like you’re the only one doing these things, and that everyone else (who’s already doing them, too) needs to start.

This then allows you to claim there’s a whole group of people who aren’t doing this obvious thing. Those are the Republicans.

There are scores of examples, but the latest is this claim that President Trump won’t leave office if he doesn’t win the election. We’ve had 45 Presidents, and even more elections. There’s never not been a peaceful transition of power. It’s one of our defining characteristics. Who would have even thought to ask the question?

But by asking the question, it makes it seem like it’s in doubt. And when President Trump refuses to say he will by, instead, answering by saying we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out, the Democrats then claim he said he’s not leaving.

Of course, President Trump never said he wouldn’t leave. Not once. Ever.

So, the Democrats take this incredibly obvious hallmark of American elections that we’ve all taken for granted and decided to ask the question, as if it’s somehow in doubt. Because Trump didn’t say, “of course I’ll leave,” they’re able to turn it on its head and say that’s how Republicans are.

And, of course, going on offense, as they do so well, keeps everyone from noticing or remembering that just a few short weeks ago, Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden to not, under any circumstances, concede.

Black lives matter is another example. Of course black lives matter. Who was out there saying they don’t? It’s obvious. Most people were caught by surprise, when they first heard it, that anyone was even saying it. In fact, this is why most people reacted by saying, “All lives matter.” Because they do. All lives matter. It’s obvious. It’s taken for granted.

But by saying “black lives matter,” it allowed those who said to look like they’re the only ones who think it, and that there’s a whole group of people who need to be told because they don’t believe it. Those people were then, of course, identified as the Republicans.

The Republicans never saw it coming. It’s amazingly clever and diabolical.

The formula, as I wrote, is easy. Just take something obvious and taken for granted and say it like you’re the only one who’s thought of it. Here, let’s try:

Here’s a sign I see all over my neighborhood. In fact, I see several variations of it all over the place.

Everything on this sign are things that we all think we take for granted. “Water is for life?” Why would anyone feel they have to say that. “Science is real?” The only reason you’d say that is if you think there’s a group of people who don’t believe in science.

“Women’s rights are human rights?” Who’s been going around saying women have no rights or women are not human? No one. In all cases. There isn’t a statement on this sign that anyone’s been out saying the opposite that would necessitate this clarification.

But that’s how sinister it is. By making this sign, you’re automatically creating this fictional group of people who must be stopped. They must be convinced. Signs like this are a call to arms against those who believe or do otherwise.

And who are those people? Why, they’re Republicans, of course. Why wouldn’t it be? You don’t hear Republicans going around saying these things. Only Democrats are saying these things. And because they’re saying them, and Republicans aren’t, obviously, the Republicans don’t agree and stand against all these ideas. Therefore, they must be stopped.

It’s no different than this sign:

By saying this, you’re automatically implying that your neighbors who don’t have this sign don’t agree. You’re implying that your neighbors who don’t have this sign are not glad you’re their neighbor.

These signs are inherently divisive. They create an artificial construct by suggesting that those who don’t say these obvious, taken for granted ideas, they must stand against them or actively oppose them. Those people, therefore, need to be stopped.

This is how we got to our current state. By telling everyone who will listen that they oppose racism, the Democrat Party is suggesting that racism is systemic, alive and well, and blocking black people from justice and success. And because The Democrat Party is saying this, they obviously can’t possibly oppose it. This leaves the Republicans.

So the Republican Party, who just took it for granted and wasn’t actively telling anyone that racism is bad and not anything we want in our country, becomes the implied home of racism because they’re not out there rallying against it.

It’s an amazingly creative and bold strategy and definitely thinking out of the proverbial box. And of course, the Republican Party doesn’t even see it happening. Heck, even I wasn’t able to wrap my head around it for months.

But the most ironic part about it all is that, like all things that originate in the Party of Projection, the Democrat Party actually is each of these things they’re calling Republicans.

The Democrat Party (specifically party leadership, not the rank and file Democrat voters) has been the home of racism since the Civil War. It’s the Democrats who’ve spoken openly about Biden not conceding. It’s been Democrats who’ve made racist comments. It’s the Democrats who make it clear that conservative neighbors are not at all welcome. It’s the Democrats, who keep states locked down when the COVID 19 death rate is .0001%, who don’t listen to science. It’s the Democrats, who took a ride to Jeffrey Epstein’s rape island, who don’t care about women.

I’ve often written about how spineless and ineffective the Republican Party marketing efforts are. But in this case, I have to take my hat off to the Democrat Party.

This strategy is the most brazenly creative strategy I’ve ever seen.