Conservatives are pragmatists who follow politics.

They live their life as best they know how. They’re good to their family and neighbors. They make decisions based on the evidence available, and they tend to be fairly logical, pragmatic, and long-term in their thinking.

It doesn’t occur to them to think in demographic identity generalities the way the Democrat Party presents things. When dealing with someone, they just deal with them based on the information they’re given.

Moderates are pragmatists who don’t follow politics.

Like conservatives, moderates also live their life as best they can, making decisions based on the best information available to them. However, unlike conservatives, moderates don’t follow politics. They don’t seek out alternative sources of information. They just passively take in what the nightly news presents or what their local paper reprints from the New York Times or Washington Post.

They figure they’re not racists, bigots, homophobes, or sexists, so they must not be Republican. Therefore, they’ll vote for Democrats because they want to be aligned with the party who’s actively supportive of various identity groups.

Liberals are emotional people who’ve not only bought the line that Republicans are all racists, sexists, and homophobes, but who’ve also been indoctrinated in their universities and schools and bought the lie that there are white supremacists roaming the countryside who must be stopped.

If the Republican Party would more actively address the Republican brand instead of leaving it to Democrats who define who they are, they would sweep elections for a long time to come.