who are conservatives

Who are conservatives?

Conservatives are pragmatists who follow politics. They live their life as best they know how. They’re good to their family and neighbors. They make decisions based on the evidence available, and they tend to be fairly logical, pragmatic, and long-term in their thinking. It doesn’t occur to them to think in demographic identity generalities the way the Democrat Party presents things. When dealing with someone, they just deal with them based on the information they’re given. Moderates are pragmatists who don’t follow politics. Like conservatives, moderates also live their life as best they can, making decisions based on the…

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Conservatives: they walk among us (and they’re not what you think)

The leadership and activists of the American left are, and have always been, anxious to portray conservatives as racists, bigots, homophobes, sexists, and xenophobes (among other things). It’s a great marketing strategy when you know you’re up against the worst marketing department in the world. What’s always fascinated me about this is that we all know conservatives. But that doesn’t seem to occur to people. Back in high school, I used to sit with two friends who constantly discussed the politics of the day. Reagan was President at this point, and listening to them, you’d think he was the…

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