Have you ever tried to pass someone and had them speed up so you can’t?

These people are sinister (and Socialist) because what they’re really seeking is control over you. (And others, presumably)

Not content to simply drive the way they prefer, they’re also trying to make sure everyone else drives the way they want them to. And isn’t this really the source of most of our problems – not just on the road, but everywhere.

If people would just do things the way they like, and get out of the way of others doing the same, all would be well.

The thing to realize is that when someone you’re trying to pass speeds up so you can’t, you’re actually the one in control. You’re now controlling their speed.

Even if you can’t get around them and end up driving next to them, notice that they’re going the speed you want to do, not the other way around.

This morning, I passed someone as I was merging on the highway. Our speeds weren’t even close… until I passed them. They never saw me coming, but once they did, they decided to ride my bumper for the next mile or so.

I just laughed because instead of driving the speed they wanted to drive, they were now driving the way I wanted to drive.

My guess is they thought they were annoying me, but in fact, I was just laughing and wishing that I had this effect on everyone on the road.

We all would have been going much faster…