For years, Democrats have been trying to destroy the National Rifle Association (NRA). They’ve been trying to kill them through our court system, as well as in the court of public opinion.

They’ve been banging on them with lawsuit after lawsuit, draining their legal funds, while also blaming every act of gun violence on the NRA – despite the shooter having never been an NRA member.

The fact is, NRA members are responsible citizens. Not all of them even own guns, but those who do understand the seriousness and responsibility that goes with owning such a weapon and are generally law-abiding citizens.

That said, if you watched the comments sections of any online news reports of Antifa/BLM violence during the past six months, every report of anyone who was beaten, robbed, or under any threat at all included comments from conservatives saying some version of “if they tried that with me, they catch a bullet.” Tough talk from conservatives. But more ironically, tough talk from people who are actually known for having the greatest restraint with their firearms of anyone.

But you can’t escape the fact that they have the bulk of the firearms. And I’m sure the Second Amendment is going to be under assault for the next four years in ways never seen before.

So, setting the scene: You have responsible gun owners who would never raise the weapon against another, but who talk a good game about anyone who threatens them, and people who think those same gun owners are violent and need their guns taken from them now getting support from the militant wing of the Democrat Party.

Sure seems to me like we’re going to be testing some theories in the near future, and something’s gotta give.

Tell me 2021 isn’t going to be an exciting year.