If you’re going to own a dog, especially in a suburban or urban setting where you live close to others, you have to train them not to bark. It’s simply selfish and thoughtless to think your neighbors aren’t going to notice or mind the constant barking coming from your house when you leave your dogs out.

I’m most impressed with those who leave or put their dogs out to bark at 5:30 or 6am in the morning. The entire neighborhood can hear your dog barking, but somehow, you’d think the owner cannot hear what’s going on right outside their front door.

You have to be remarkably inconsiderate to not realize that your dog’s barking is probably really irritating. There’s just no such thing as a person who finds your dog’s bark the most adorable and pleasant sound in the neighborhood.

Although, none of that is as irritating and unnecessary as the suburban farmers who feel the need to keep chickens.

You can get both eggs and chicken at every local grocery store in your area. These are staples that every store will carry. There’s no reason to do this yourself. But even if you somehow appreciate “how fresh” the eggs are from your chickens, it’s far more inconsiderate than even the barking dogs.

Chickens are always outside, and inevitably, they’re clucking or making some sort of interminable noise early in the morning that is both loud and annoying.

In the COVID remote work-from-home era, it’s much harder to work when you have barking dogs and chickens in the back yard. But it’s even harder to understand why the person in the house can’t hear their own menagerie of animals carrying on while the neighborhood gets an unwanted front row seat for the performance.

One of The Bubbler’s core philosophies is to stay out of the way. You can swing your arms all you want as long as you don’t hit someone else in the nose. If you want dogs and chickens, just make sure they’re quiet and not bugging your neighbors. Otherwise, you put them in a position where they have to be the bad guy because you can’t figure out how inconsiderate you are.