Now do you understand why early voting is a mistake?

There are many reasons why early voting is a bad idea, and any one of them alone makes the case strongly enough to end the experiment. Here’s a few…

Most obviously, you never know what will happen between the day you vote early and election day. Who saw the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg coming? (Although, anyone paying attention to 2020 should have been able to guess that anything that can happen, will happen.)

RBG’s death opens the door to a Supreme Court pick for President Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate. This, on top of the constant rioting, COVID, the impeachment, the unfolding Obamagate investigation, and any number of other question marks should make it clear a lot can and probably will happen.

Will Joe Biden show up to debate President Trump on September 29? How will that go? Who will win? How will that affect the election?

How much more information will come out about Obama’s attempted coup against President Trump? In just the last week, we’ve heard about how the Mueller team all obstructed justice by erasing their phones. It seems every week gives us more information. It’ll be interesting to see how much more comes before the election?

And don’t forget voter fraud. With all the impromptu mail-in ballots, this election is ripe for widespread voter fraud. When you vote at a polling place, the day of the election, you minimize the time between your vote and it’s counting, which dramatically reduces the potential time available for fraud.

But when you vote more than a month ahead of the election, you’re providing plenty of time for something to happen to your vote before it gets counted. Who knows who may lose it or tamper with it?

If those reasons don’t work for you, then how about the sense of community and participation that comes along with everyone going out together, on the same day, and voting. It’s a civic duty. We can bring our kids and show them how we do it in the United States.

Then that night, we all gather round and find out the winner (unless it hinges on the State of Washington, since they’ve no idea how to count votes in one day, like the rest of the country). If we don’t know for sure the next morning, we at least have a sense of who will be our President.

Even if there was no voter fraud, early voting sows the seeds of doubt and allows people to start questioning in the integrity of our elections. And to what end? What are we gaining by early voting?

Early voting will continue to cause only more doubt and confusion as we advance and people get more creative. The best way to end early voting is to not participate and vote on election day.

But only if you’re going to vote for my candidate.