early voting

Early voting for civics lessons

For all those who want to make voting easier: Early voting Mail-in ballots Registration kiosks everywhere Ballot harvesting Felons vote Voting age reduced to 16 I’ll trade you. You can have that if we can insert America-loving conservatives in every classroom in the country for kids 10-16 years of age to teach them about America, it’s founders, and the liberty and freedom it promises for all who want to pursue it. Deal?

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Voting early is a bad idea

If you voted when early voting started, you missed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, a new Supreme Court nominee, and now Donald Trump getting COVID. What if Donald Trump dies? Heck, what if Joe Biden dies? There’s so much that can still happen between now and the election. What if one of them died and you didn’t like the replacement. Especially if you voted for the one who passed away. You would have wasted your vote, and you couldn’t get it back. There’s simply no reason to vote early. It eats away at our system and makes for voters who…

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RBG: The case against early voting

Now do you understand why early voting is a mistake? There are many reasons why early voting is a bad idea, and any one of them alone makes the case strongly enough to end the experiment. Here’s a few… Most obviously, you never know what will happen between the day you vote early and election day. Who saw the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg coming? (Although, anyone paying attention to 2020 should have been able to guess that anything that can happen, will happen.) RBG’s death opens the door to a Supreme Court pick for President Trump and the…

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