As I was making it through what is now the normal day’s worth of Zoom calls, I couldn’t help wondering, “Has anyone on any of their work Zoom calls we’re all enduring witnessed a coworker die from something like a stroke or heart attack?”

I figure, with the millions of people on Zoom each and every day speaking to their coworkers, someone has to have died during a call. Given the law of averages, it has to have happened.

I mentioned this to someone (on a Zoom call, of course), and they forwarded this story to me about someone who was murdered on a Zoom work call.

Apparently, this guy in Amityville, NY, was on a Zoom call for work when his son entered the room and stabbed him to death as the other video conference call participants looked on.

This guy’s son must have been pretty upset to have started beating on him and then returning with kitchen knives to stab him to death… in front of a call full of witnesses.

The best quote from the story? “…the son admitted having stabbed his father about 15 times and having used different kitchen-style knives because the blades kept bending.”

This entire event must have been surreal, but the idea that he kept having to leave the room and return with a new knife because his Dad had low quality kitchen blades must’ve just made it over the top.

You can only imagine how that went…

Stab. “Dammit… hold on. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” (Leave room. Return with a new knife.)

Stab. “Son of a bitch. Stupid knives. I’m sorry. hold on…” (Leave room. Return with a new knife.)

Stab. “Shoot. Hey, everyone. I’m sorry for interrupting your meeting. Carry on. I’m just going to go on mute and turn the video off for this last bit. I’ll come back if we have any questions.”

Surprisingly, one of the call participants had the presence of mind to call 911, though I’m not sure how he knew the home address of the guy getting stabbed.

I would like to think I would have called 911, though I may have been more concerned about this guy’s son coming to all of our homes to finish off the witnesses.

But, at least this guy was safe at home and didn’t die of COVID. (No mention if he was wearing a mask or not.)