The impeachment of Donald Trump is a hate crime and should be tried as such.

Efforts to impeach him began before he was even elected. For the record, that’s before the Ukraine phone call. (I would say after his Russian collusion, but then, we have since learned that didn’t happen.)

It’s clear that the Democrat hatred for Donald Trump is, at times, irrational. That’s not even worth searching for, and posting a link, to prove.

And since we know they have hatred for Trump, and we know there are no impeachable offenses (this will be verified soon, for those of you who, understandably, don’t know there’s no evidence and this is all flailing), so the genesis of this impeachment can clearly be tied to hatred (as well as frustration, bitterness, and a smattering of disbelief).

We’re seeing in the Grafton Thomas machete assault on Orthodox Jews in Monsey, New York, that it’s not enough to brutally stab someone, but you’re also guilty for even thinking about it and whatever motivated those thoughts (hatred for jews, in this case).

So, since the Democrats have produced thousands of video-recorded quotes revealing their hatred for Trump, I think we have all the documentation we need to prove their motivations are clear, and the impeachment is, in fact, a hate crime.