Can we all agree that voting is a pretty special right, and an activity that we can generally agree needs to be protected?

If voting in this country isn’t seen as reliable, it will throw our entire country’s faith in our system into turmoil. The ability to cast a vote, have it counted, result in a winner, and all respect the outcome is one of the most important things that set our country apart from so many others.

So, regardless of how much evidence there may or may not be regarding the efficacy of any aspect of our voting system, shouldn’t it be that we all support a fair amount of rigor around the security of our voting process?

Assuming so, then why do Democrats constantly advocate relaxed rules that could lead to fraud? What’s their motivation?

Here are a few examples…

Voter ID: Why on earth wouldn’t we want everyone to show their ID at their designated polling location? Isn’t one of the foundations of our election system that each person gets one vote, and that vote gets counted?

When you show up at your polling place, they have long lists of the residents in the area who should vote there. When you show up, you show your ID, they compare it to their registration list, and if you are on the rolls, you vote.

What would be the motivation of anyone who would argue against this? That people can’t get an ID is simply false. Anyone can. And if they don’t know how, I’m not sure the voting booth is where they need to be.

Mail-in ballots: What could go wrong? You mail out ballots all over the state, without regard for who’s receiving them, and then you count however many you can find. OK, I’m exaggerating the negative effects, for sure. But even sophisticated marketing operations who use direct mail send mail to people at the wrong address or to abandoned homes while also missing some homes they intended to solicit.

Why would we think the government, which is not only full of inefficiencies, but moreso, people with an agenda who are actively for one side or other, would get it exactly right? And if we can fully trust them, how often do they update their mailing lists? How often do they remove voters who are dead or have moved out of state?

Get-out-the-vote efforts: We have people all over the country registering people to vote and turning in those names to local government officials to get them registered. Who are those people trying to get everyone registered? And who is registering? How accurate are the checks?

Electronic voting: There is no system in the world that hasn’t been hacked (or won’t inevitably). It’s a constant battle. Hackers find ways to get into a secure system, and security experts find ways to block them. I don’t know why we’d trust our medical records in the digital world, and we shouldn’t trust it for voting, either.

The goal is to keep our elections as secure, reliable, and trustworthy as possible. My list is just a few of the ways things can go wrong. But what strikes me is this:

Why do Democrats advocate for all of the ways that could make election fraud easier? Why are they not worried? What could possibly be their motivation for being so laxed when it comes to voting?

Meanwhile, why do Republicans want this to be as tightly run as possible?

This seems like a point the Republican Party’s marketing department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, would want to make.