Much of what needed to be said about Joe Biden’s “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” has been said.

It is exactly the kind of racism the Democrats are always on about because it presumes that simply because of one’s skin color, they would vote for him.

But more importantly, it underscores just how much Democrats think all black people are sheep. It calls out, in no uncertain terms, just how much they take the black vote for granted.

Any why wouldn’t they?

If you’ve read some of The Bubbler, then you know conservatives, like me, don’t look at people as demographic groups. We form our impressions of people one person at a time. But for the purposes of this discussion, I think we need to look at all black voters as a group.

Thanks to the coronavirus, we’re all looking at data these days. Well, like it or not, the data tells us that black voters essentially do, with few exceptions, all vote the same way. As offended as some claimed to be by Joe Biden, and the notion that black voters are not independent thinkers who all vote alike, I’m afraid the data says that’s correct.

Democrats have been reliably voting in the 90-95% range for Democrat candidates since I’ve been paying attention to politics – and probably longer. Sure, that’s not all black voters, but it’s been going on for so long that one can easily argue it may as well be. The fact is, Democrats can take the black vote for granted.

Sure, the Republican Party’s marketing department, the worst marketing department in the history of marketing, shoulders much of the blame for this.

The Republican Party has been on the right side of history on nearly every issue of freedom, slavery, and racism, since the country’s inception. It was the Republicans who were on the side of emancipation in the Civil War. It was Democrats who started the KKK (specifically to intimidate pro-black-freedom Republicans). It was Republicans who made the 1964 Civil Rights Act a reality. There’s a reason Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.

But no one knows any of this because the Republicans don’t tell anyone. And Democrats spend every waking moment calling conservatives racists, with the media making sure it sticks. (Message repetition is one of the more important marketing principles.)

The fact is, conservatism is the answer to many of the problems plaguing the black community. You can see it in the black unemployment numbers during Trump’s presidency are historic lows. But the media doesn’t spend much time on it, and I’m not sure how many in the black community knew it.

Blacks have been supporting Democrats for decades, and they find themselves in largely the same circumstances decades later. But the Republicans don’t offer any messages of optimism or roadmap for improving their lives.

All of this to say that blacks find themselves, ironically, in an amazing position of control. The “black vote” is powerful enough that they, as a community or constituency, can determine the future of this country.

Black voters can choose whether or not this country goes free, or whether we’re enslaved by Democrat policies of socialism.

They can choose conservatives who believe in freedom, personal responsibility, moral standards, and the idea that our freedom is God-given, not government-mandated.

Or, they can continue to vote for Democrats who, after literally enslaving them for centuries, now try to enslave them, and everyone, through economic and social policy.

Black voters may not know it, but they hold all the power. They can take this country down whichever path they choose. Hopefully, the idea of freedom is still attractive to people.