What are liberals saying about black people when they say (not in so many words) that they couldn’t possibly be conservative? Or if they are conservative, it’s because they’re being used or duped, and it couldn’t possibly be because they concluded on their own that the philosophy aligns with their own?

Aren’t they really saying that their skin color determines their ideology and personal philosophy? Aren’t they really saying that black conservatives are an affront to “normal” blacks?

Isn’t it kind of like saying that black conservatives are almost genetic mistakes? Isn’t the presumption that political philosophy isn’t determined by thought, but by some form of demographics or genetics?

And all the things that blacks couldn’t possibly do on their own, like get a driver’s license or identification, pass a school test, become a Supreme Court judge, join their local fire department, or procure a bicycle helmet: What else do leftists think blacks can’t do?

And isn’t it pure racist to think a person isn’t capable of something everyone else can do just because of their skin color? How do leftists avoid being called racists – constantly?

If those are your foundational beliefs, are you really qualified to be voting, much less participating in any meaningful policy conversations?