This morning, I was half-listening to a local news report in which they were speaking to a worker who said to the interviewer, “I’m just trying to right the wrong.”

I don’t know what the news story was, and I don’t have a clue what wrong she was trying to right, but I couldn’t help but think, can we all just stop trying to right wrongs for a minute?

I think that’s one of our country’s biggest problems right now is everyone thinking they have to get involved in everyone else’s business and right all their wrongs. And since most people are really bad at determining what’s really going on in any situation and all the dynamics really in play, we’ve ended up with stories being blown out of proportion all over the place and everyone seeing victims and racism and sexism and homophobia all over in places where it simply isn’t.

Perhaps everyone should sit back for a minute and let all the wrongs just happen. Maybe people need to judge and handle their own problems for just a minute. It’s good for people. It’s an opportunity to learn.

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes fortune smiles and something absolutely wonderful happens. Sometimes the opposite.

Either way, those events, good and bad, are what make life worth living. Those are the experiences that shape us. It gives us perspective. It gives us thick skin. We get more attuned to the way people think, how amazing and wonderful most people can be, and sometimes, how bad. It’s good people experience this for themselves.

So perhaps it’s time for everyone to sit back, mind their own business, and let others experience the challenges that life hands absolutely every single one of us. I don’t care how rich or poor you are, everyone faces challenges.

Let’s embrace those challenges and take care of our own lives for awhile.

If we could all take a minute and stop trying to right everyone else’s wrong for just a minute, perhaps things would just simmer down, and we could all embrace the events that make our lives worth living and uniquely our own.