Conservatives should be spending their time, right now, reaching out to illegal immigrants and assimilating them to American culture.

When the internet was in its infancy, the newspaper industry’s approach was to resist putting their content online because they didn’t want to cannibalize the print edition. They thought if people could find it online, they wouldn’t purchase the newspaper.

The newspaper industry had an opportunity to be on the forefront of citizen journalism and maintain, if not elevate, their importance as a news source. Instead, they chose to fight a war against an opponent that wasn’t even playing. They wrongly guessed they could beat the internet. They were wrong.

As long as the Democrats maintain control over the executive branch of our government, mass illegal immigration will be a reality. As long as they have both control over the executive and legislative branch, amnesty is also a real possibility.

Conservatives can either continue to tell each other how dangerous and wrong this is, or they can get busy embracing these people and assimilating them to American culture. (The previous version, not the current perverted one.)

This doesn’t mean they can’t fight against illegal immigration and try to stop it. But these two wars can be fought at the same time.

One thing most of the immigrants crossing the border have in common is that they’re trying to escape some form of socialist or corrupt government (redundant, I realize…). That means they are friendly to the message of freedom.

If even a slight majority of illegal immigrants a) found a way to vote, and b) voted for conservatives, Democrats would very quickly rethink their open borders policy. Right now, it’s about destroying America from within.

But if they ended up strengthening it – and who has any doubt that an illegal immigrant’s love for America could quickly surpass that of a Democrat voter – Democrats would quickly move on to another strategy with more potential, like removing all “right turn only” signs.