Historically speaking, mutually assured destruction seemingly works every time its tried.

When two enemies both wield enough power to destroy the other, both will tend to stand down and attempt to coexist because they figure living with them is better than no one living at all.

The Founding Fathers knew this when they wrote the Second Amendment.

They knew that if citizens had guns, the government would be very hesitant to impose any sort of real tyranny. They knew that armed, citizens would have the ability to resist tyranny and restore the Republic, should they deem it necessary.

Of course, as we’ve evolved, our military might has become quite powerful. But with estimates at around 72 million American gun owners spread out across the country, it would be a difficult war for our military to fight. Each member of the military would also have to be so inclined to fight on the side of the government – hardly a guarantee.

When the Founders set up the Second Amendment, they knew that it would be a critical mutually assured destruction dynamic that would serve as yet another system of checks and balances between the citizens and the government. This is why it is such a critical element of our governmental structure.

It’s also why it is so important to those who want to impose socialism on our republic to take the guns away.

Making it equally important that the Second Amendment is not only maintained, but strengthened.