It’s clear Democrats have chosen to own victimization.

It’s in our news, in our entertainment, and in our schools.

I just received this week’s email from our school principal, and as usual, it’s a weekly newsletter full of highlighting the victims.

There’s notes from the counselors about how teens can manage their stress and anxiety. There’s a note from the librarian recommending “All American Boys,” which is a book with alternating chapters – one written by a white high school boy and every subsequent chapter by a black high school boy. Then there’s a note from the principal about sexual abuse. This is followed by a promotion for a free screening of a film called “Angst,” a movie about anxiety, truth, and hope.

If conservatives had any understanding of marketing, they’d understand there was a gaping void in the market waiting to be filled. There’s no one in America even trying to inspire our teens. In fact, there’s no one trying to inspire anyone.

Imagine if the constant drumbeat was one of encouragement and limitless possibilities. Imagine if our kids were being told daily of their boundless potential and how the only person holding them back may just be themselves. Imagine if local business owners and sports figures were asked to speak to students about the obstacles, uncertainty, and doubt they overcame to find the success they’re enjoying now. Imagine if we taught our kids how to fail fast, learn from it, and use those learnings to succeed.

We’re stealing from our public school students by robbing them of the inspiration, confidence, and encouragement we should be giving them to propel them into tackling the challenges they’re thinking of overcoming. We should be helping them find and develop their God-given talents and teaching them not to care about what their detractors think.

This is how we develop a great country with a happy and free people.

We have to stop sitting passively by while educators and celebrities steal from our youth. Conservatives have to step up and encourage people to get involved and inspire our youth.

It’s not too late but it can’t wait any longer. Think about how you can help and get involved locally wherever you can.