I think it’s safe to say at this point that we’re well into phase one of the BLM movement.

The first step was to get every business in town to fly the banner. Whether they believe the hype or just don’t want to be burned to the ground, businesses and neighborhoods have painted the letters B-L-M over their doorways in lamb’s blood in hopes that the mob will pass them by.

Everyone feels all bad and self conscious about all of their interactions with anyone who’s not exactly like them. Tall people are making sure they don’t offend short people. White people watch what they say around black people. Men are still trying to figure out what the heck would resonate with women. Straight people are bending over backwards to let gay people know they’re fine with that.

Every story on television has a gay couple, a black couple, or a transgender character – usually all of the above. We’ve pushed readin,’ writin,’ and ‘rithmetic aside to make sure kids know that everyone of every skin color thinks and behaves like every other person of that skin color.

We’ve all read “White Fragility” and whatever the heck Ibram X. Kendi bangs out of his computer. We’ve made mandatory drag queen storytime a fixture in public schools. We’re encouraging young boys and girls to explore the 429 genders available to them.

We hate science deniers, but work extra hard to make it clear to all that physical characteristics have nothing to do with determining one’s gender.

Our fists have been raised, and we’ve taken a knee. We’ve said their names, and we’ve destroyed our own cities. The most vile of statues have been removed, and we’ve even taken out a few cops along the way.

Everyone is on edge. No one knows the right thing to say to anyone. We’re all watching our words. And fortunately, we’re all staying in our homes or wearing masks because it’s safer if we just don’t acknowledge each other at all.

Most importantly, we’ve blamed conservatives for all of it, and we’re united by the idea that there’s only one acceptable prejudice available to each and everyone of us: our shared hatred for those white supremacist, conspiracy theory-spouting, domestic terrorist, right-wing nuts.

This all tells me we’re ready for phase two of the BLM master plan. So, what is it? What’s next? What do we have to look forward to?

Is it reconciliation? Is there unification in the offing? Do we all join hands?

I mean, I’m sure when the Black Lives Matter folks decided to turn society upside down and against itself, there was a second phase.

There was… right? Wasn’t there?