There are few things more irritating than watching and listening to someone else eat cereal.

It’s a noisy, clumsy food.

The constant clanking of the spoon on the side of the bowl or the clicking of the spoon on teeth.

The chewing. The accumulation of saliva washing around in your mouth.

The milk dripping off the spoon into the pooled milk below making that trickling water effect.

Hell, I even annoy myself when I eat cereal. Eating cereal is best done in private.

So why can’t people build cereal eating into their morning routine… BEFORE they leave for work.

For the last ten years, I’ve wondered why so many professionals wait until they get to their seat at work to start with all the clanking and sloshing theatrics. It’s only made worse when they take a spoonful or two and then set down the bowl. Now we get the noise of the bowl on the desk AND a prolonged breakfast session.

This, again, is an example of where a thoughtful person would finish their business at home and keep the clanking cereal bowls out of the workplace.

That’s why I’m here… to help. Eat breakfast at home. It’s the most important meal of the day. Take in that energy and let it start percolating so when you get to the office, you’re ready to go.