Activists never succeed.

It’s the nature of the activist. Perceived wrongs and injustices are identified and then well-meaning people begin raising money and awareness about them until one day, the look up and realize they have a career.

One argument I often hear about unions is that without them, we wouldn’t have proper work safety, child labor laws, etc. First, I wonder if that’s even true. (You really have to have a lack of faith in people.) But either way, the union concept did improve the work place – over 100 years ago.

But do union activists ever sit back and reflect on the good they’ve accomplished? Has there ever been a union boss who walked into work one day and announced, “OK, I think our work is done. Let’s close up shop. Good work everyone.”

How about the man-made climate change believers? When have you ever heard an environmental activist sit back and acknowledge all of the progress they’ve made? Everyone’s recycling now. People are driving hybrids. Businesses pollute less. Solar panels abound. Wind farms dot the horizon. Styrofoam is almost (but not quite) gone. Well done, people.

When is the National Organization for Women going to pack it in? How about the equal pay/women in the workforce movements? As far as I can tell, there sure seem to be an abundance of productive and well-paid women in the workforce. Everywhere I’ve worked, except one place, had more women than men on the payroll. I had college classes where I was one of three men among 30 women.

The #metoo movement? They sure seem to be effectively weeding out the scoundrels.

How about racism? Do we still need the NAACP? From where I’m sitting, they’re continuing to align themselves with the same people who continually fail the movement. Without racism, what would Barack Obama do? How about Al Sharpton? Either may have, at some point, acknowledged the improvement in race relations over the past 30 years, but I’ve never heard it.

What about the LBGTQRSTUV activists? Every television show and movie we see makes sure to have a gay character. The country’s Pride Parades attract more than any other. Businesses fall over themselves letting the world know they love to make money off of gay people.

Even if the work is not “done,” when have you ever heard an activist concede there’s been progress?

So long as all of these people are making careers out of solving social problems, the social problems they’re trying to solve will never go away because these people can’t afford to succeed.

Oh, to make a living complaining…