I was in the grocery store today getting food for a get together I was hosting, and it seemed like the right thing to get some ice cream.

When I got to the ice cream aisle, there was a guy shopping for just the right ice cream. He and his cart were parked about two inches from the glass, and every time he got to a new window, he had to open the door to look at each pint, as if the glass door was somehow preventing him from seeing in.

This guy obviously is a science denier, because he was unable to figure out that every time he held open a door so he could review each flavor, it fogged up not only the door he was holding open, but the door on each side.

There seems to be a personality type that requires opening the freezer door to shop for ice cream. It’s apparently the same type that has to stand inches away from the ice cream so only they can see the selection.

If people would consider their effect on others, they’d stand back, across from the window, and look from a few feet away so anyone else wanting to look could see the selection.

One of the ongoing themes of the Bubbler is being considerate of others and trying to stay out of the way as much as possible. Unfortunately, the ice cream aisle, which should bring joy and happiness to all, too often brings these kinds of people to light.