When Brett Kavanaugh was accused of a rape from nearly 30 years ago, we were told by all Democrats, again and again and again, that we had to believe all women who came forward with such allegations.

The story was arguably the biggest, most watched story of 2018. It was televised in gyms, stores, and restaurants. People who don’t usually follow politics were glued to the proceedings.

But, as usual, Democrats overplayed their hand, and went way overboard in their efforts to destroy Kavanaugh. Before long, it became obvious to people who don’t really follow these things that Democrats were simply trying to block another thing Trump’s name was on.

And now, sadly predictably, here we are, just two short years later, and Tara Reade comes forward with a sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden from 30 years ago.

The difference is, she has corroborating witnesses, and has told this story before. She didn’t suddenly remember it when prompted by Diane Feinstein.

The sad thing about this, though, is that I don’t even think it matters whether or not it actually happened.

Joe Biden’s innocence or guilt will be completely overshadowed by the massive hypocrisy and double standard Democrats and Democrat-media (which would be the mainstream media) are showing by burying this story, not talking about it, not asking about it, and standing up to support ole Joe, anyway.

Unfortunately, the story is not whether or not Reade is telling the truth. It’s going to be how many people knock themselves out when they slap their foreheads in shock at how little shame the Democrats have for acting like they’ve never heard of a woman coming forward after so much time.