Yesterday, the nation posted this tweet suggesting that our nation has descended into an aggregation of bullies, conspiracy theorists, and meanies.

And the gaslighting of 2020 continues.

Ever since President Trump descended the golden escalator, Democrats and the American media (one in the same) have hammered on Trump and his supporters nearly every minute of every day. That’s four straight years of exhibits a, b, and c, on to infinity, proving, in their minds, that Donald Trump is the worst man alive.

Using acts of bullying (belittling, name-calling, and harassing Trump supporters and administration members), spreading conspiracy theories (Russian collusion, using the Ukraine, not paying taxes, etc), and showing no care or thought for the suffering of others (imposing lockdowns and restrictions costing millions of middle-Americans their jobs and livelihoods and poor children a quality education), the Democrats have done all of these things to the country.

And, as always, they set up and executed the exact conditions that they then turn around and complain about. They create an environment and then accuse Republicans of doing what they, themselves, invented and established.

The Democrats have always been the Party of Projection. But in 2020, it went from a more subtle approach to aggressive gaslighting, leaving more and more Americans asking: “Am I going insane?”