They have to be.

Americans are inundated with liberal-biased news and information. Every single television news source that isn’t Newsmax or OAN all parrot each other’s talking points. They didn’t just get the memo. They wrote it.

Likewise, every newspaper publication and website are delivering the same message as the television news networks. But liberal news talking points go well beyond television and cable news. It’s everywhere.

To hear the latest talking points on climate change, transgenderism, how horrible Donald Trump is, Republican white supremacists, and how dangerous COVID is, you basically just have to log in to social media or turn on your television.

As everything has become political, professional athletes, entertainment talk show hosts, celebrities, sitcoms, movies, children’s shows, musicians, and our children’s school teachers are all sources of the same liberal information.

Most fascinating, and dangerous, about this phenomenon is that they all use the same words and phrases and all say the same thing. There is no divergence in thought or presentation. There is no spin on it. There’s no alternative takes. There aren’t even clever outliers who present it in a slightly different way.

Whether your at an airport, where you’re trapped listening to CNN, at a sporting event, a concert, a movie theater, or even at a playhouse, you’re going to hear what liberals would consider their universal view of how the world is, what they consider right, and who is the enemy.

We all hear it. Everyone. Liberals. Conservatives. People who don’t care. Everyone hears it.

So what makes conservatives more informed?

Conservatives not only get their share of the liberal point of view, but they also get exposure to alternative points of view that challenge the liberal narrative. But more importantly, they actively seek it, which means they are actively thinking about it when then ingest it.

Conservatives instinctively understand how dangerous it is to only be exposed to opinions that align with your own, or that feel safe. Conservatives naturally seek new and different ideas. Conservatives like to research. They like to look for the other side of the story.

Simply put, conservatives don’t unquestioningly believe what they’re told. As Reagan famously said, “trust, but verify.”

Unfortunately, there are too many people in this country who fear nonconformity. They don’t want to be singled out as not being onboard. They don’t want to be called names, made fun of, or bullied. So they go along.

Conservatives can recite liberal news and talking points because it’s all around us. But they can also articulate opposing opinions and information that isn’t shared through liberal sources. Conservatives can argue both sides.

Conversely, liberals can never tell you what conservatives are thinking or why they’re thinking it. They don’t know or understand because they get no exposure to it.

It’s a shame, because as conservatives listen to their friends and neighbors talk about news and events, they have to make a choice about how much they want to stir the pot by sharing information they know their liberal friends have no idea about.

It’s frustrating to know that if only people knew what was really going on or had any idea how much news and information they don’t get or know, they’d be better equipped to understand what is really happening in this country.

There are few things more frustrating than being a conservative.