If the Republican Party had all three branches of government, as the Democrats do now, what would Democrats fear?

What would they be warning the country about? What horrible effects do they think we’d all suffer?

We should know the answer to that, but do we? We know what conservatives are currently fearing.

Conservatives are fearing the elimination of person freedom and liberty. They fear losing the ability to honestly pursue your own happiness.

Conservatives are fearing their complete elimination. They’re getting kicked off social media and silenced. There are movements to find Trump supporters, take away their degrees, and prevent them from ever working again.

Conservatives are fearing that the economy will be destroyed by importation of illegal immigration, the rise of the minimum wage, and the job-destroying effects of the Green New Deal.

Conservatives are afraid that yet another generation of children will be lost to school curriculums that teach our children to hate themselves, or each other, and that racism is the best cure for racism. They’re afraid we’re creating a nation of bitter victims instead of people inspired for greatness.

But what about Democrats? What are they predicting will happen to the country if conservatives get back into power?

I guess they’re afraid of our effect on the environment. Or I might believe that if I saw any of them taking their own steps to prevent the catastrophe.

They’re afraid of white supremacists. But considering that’s more than half the country, and they’re not killing or harming the Democrats who keep yapping about them, they must have learned by now the white supremacists aren’t a serious threat.

Maybe they’re worried that more people will continue to get jobs? It’s hard to keep the government relevant if no one needs them for anything, much as it’s difficult to remain a professional activist if you make the mistake of solving your cause.

Perhaps they’re just afraid that people will find out. People will discover that everything they’re saying is a lie designed to give Democrats ultimate control over what we all can say, think, and do.

I’m trying to take a serious stab at that, but I’m afraid I just can’t make my mind as unserious as that of Democrat leadership.