Black Lives Matter at School Week kicks off today in the Seattle school system. Every day this week, teachers will take time out of their lesson plans to teach our children to be suspicious of others based on their race.

Black children will be taught that all white people hate them and are working together to stop them from advancing or having any chance in life.

Meanwhile, white children will be taught that black people need their affirmation that black lives matter, otherwise blacks won’t think that or believe that on their own.

I’m not sure what’s more galling, the idea that we’re teaching an entire generation of children to fight racism by being racist, or that we’re teaching them to be so condescending as to think if they don’t say or think “black lives matter,” then it won’t be true.

The truth is, no one needs to say it to make it true. No one needs to say “all lives matter,” to make it true. It’s a nice acknowledgement, but it’s not required.

We’re teaching black people that they’re victims and everyone hates them, and we’re teaching white people it’s their fault and they should hate themselves for it.

Unfortunately, I think we’re a long way from having this solved. We’ve actually taken some serious steps backward.

Perhaps schools should be taking this opportunity to teach the economics of keeping a cause alive so activists can make a living.