What happened to American corporations that so many insist on bending a knee for vocal American leftists (if you can call someone an American leftist)? When did our companies become so scared of the politically correct?

Whenever some leftist group makes noise about some cause or issue, America’s corporate marketing departments go running for their lives. Black Lives Matter, the admitted communist organization, has raised millions of dollars from American corporations. Pride parades across America have companies falling all over themselves trying to get the best sponsorships. Commercial services go out of their way to place as many black, gay, and transgender people or couples they can find in their advertising to prove how liberal they are.

It’s fine to represent people from any of these communities. They’re all representative of the American public. They’re all people, and they’re all consumers. But when you start seeing these perceived victim groups in everything, it’s clear they’re trying too hard and over-representing the populations.

But worse, conservatives rightly see it as companies assuming that everyone in those groups thinks the same way, which, in itself, is it’s own form of racism or sexism.

American companies love to make as much noise as possible placating every aggrieved leftist group (which, as a phrase, seems a bit redundant), letting all Americans know they are woke.

But have they ever really done the market research to determine if they’re truly resonating with as large an audience as possible? One thing I’ve observed over the past 30 years is that nearly every company that advertised on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show enjoyed great success due to a loyal audience.

Conservatives appreciate people and companies who stand for the freedom and liberty that has made this country great. If a corporation supports conservatives, conservative programming, conservative causes and events, or other conservative companies, conservatives will go out of their way to support those companies. They will be customers for life.

Not only that, but conservatives are a larger and more active customer base than liberals in this country. The conservative audience is massive, and because they all believe in self-reliance and responsibility, there’s a higher percentage of them with money to spend.

Corporate marketers get confused by this dynamic because leftists groups, while much smaller, are also much louder. They are experts at making a lot of noise, and they also enjoy media support, which gives these causes plenty of air time.

What they don’t realize is that conservatives are far more private about their causes and beliefs and will silently reject a company who throws leftist politics in their face.

One of my marketing dreams was to lead the marketing efforts of a company that was a good fit for the Rush Limbaugh program. I figured one of the easiest paths to marketing success I would ever find would be building a bond with his audience, as so many companies had done over the years.

Sadly, I’ll never have that opportunity. But hopefully, I’ll get to work with a company that doesn’t cower in fear or bow down, and we can take advantage of the conservative support and loyalty that’s just their to be earned.