Former Secretary of State, John Kerry, once asked, “What’s the worst that could happen if we’re wrong about global warming?”

How about regulating the drive and initiative out of American businesses and stifling growth and employment.

Prohibiting, or severely limiting, new business startups – restraining innovators from developing new technologies, jobs and growth.

Dominating American homeowners and property-owners, reducing their ability to use their own land and forcing them to buy only certain products, appliances, foods, building materials – all because of ‘environmental’ concerns.

Emptying our breadbasket, American agriculture, by layering on unreasonable rules, requirements and restrictions for merely raising crops and animals.

Locking up America’s vast oil and gas resources (8 times that of Saudi Arabia), stagnating our economy and preventing a boom in related jobs and growth, and telegraphing the message to our oil-rich enemies: ‘Rule over us!’

Insulting our friends like Canada, and tying our own hands by stubbornly refusing to allow a pipeline that would bring oil, exports and jobs to Americans.

Dumbing down public school and college students, wasting academic time with indoctrination into the psuedo-science of ‘global warming,’ conditioning them to accept draconian government control over their lives and personal decision-making.

Giving momentum to development of a socialist economy and an elite Ruling Class, with Constitutional Freedoms trampled or even criminalized.

That seems like the worst that could happen.