One question that pops into my mind at least a minute of every work day is why people come to work in the morning and then eat breakfast at their desks.

Unlike lunch, which is bookended by work on both sides, breakfast and dinner are both meals you can eat at home before and after work, respectively.

I don’t understand why you’d wake up, get ready for work, make your commute and then make cereal, toast or hot oatmeal at the office and then sit at your desk to eat.

Depending on how particular and observant you are, the idiosyncrasies of the way people eat can be off-putting enough on its own. But the clanking of spoons on bowls and the crunching of cereal that can be heard all across an open office simply drives me nuts every morning (although that is probably partly due to my misophonia).

Wake up 10 minutes earlier, make your cereal in the comfort of your own home and eat it there. Why go into the office to do that? Why don’t those people also eat dinner at the office and then go home? I just don’t get it.

And that’s not even mentioning what it does to your digestive system in the morning that might also be better addressed in the home environment…