So let me get this straight, some black people shame other black people who are successful because they’re following the rules and conventions of a society designed and established by white people. They call them “house negroes,” “uncle tom’s,” or “whitewashed.”

This is so short-sighted, self-defeating, and stupid, I’m not sure why more people haven’t spoken out against it.

The systemic racism that people claim exists in this country is squarely the stigma leftists have created against black people being successful within the capitalist confines of the United States.

What they’re not understanding is that it’s that capitalist system that was the first on earth to defy caste, family history, legacy, and birthright and give every person, regardless of race, religion, or belief, a shot at achieving their dreams, or at least enjoying success.

Our system is available to all and built to help those who want or work at it to achieve some sort of long-term success and contribute to the well being of those around them.

That we would actively talk ourselves or others out of accessing this system is simply stupid.