One of the defining differences between conservatives and leftists is the appreciation of people’s contributions versus simply judging the people.

In a conservative America, if a doctor discovered a definitive cure for cancer, and then was later found to have raped someone, people would acknowledge and employ the cure, but make sure that doctor faced the consequences for the rape.

Conservatives innately understand that humans are flawed, capable of terrible things, or simply make mistakes. They’re more forgiving and able to compartmentalize when someone says or does something that contributes versus when someone says or does something inappropriate or destructive.

We’re learning every day what the leftist approach to the above scenario would be. We would erase the cancer cure from history and do everything we could to make sure the doctor who discovered it was never allowed to work or function in society every again. The consequences would be absolute and permanent, with no road to forgiveness or absolution.

Unfortunately, examples of “cancel culture” are becoming all too common as the bastards who try to destroy others are met with little resistance and continually given a platform to destroy someone. And those who defend are becoming all too rare, lest those people then also feel the wrath and be cancelled themselves.

Courage is in short supply these days, and as we become less confident and courageous, we’re going to experience fewer ideas, perspectives, innovation, and solution. People who have a potentially beneficial contribution may not want to come forward, lest it exposes them for something negative or controversial they may have said. And sadly, that controversial statement may have simply been a show of support for some policy or politician that the cancellers have deemed blasphemous.

Until we can get more people to step up, speak out against cancel culture, and show grace to those who’ve made missteps, we’re doomed to spiral ever-closer to a communist society. And if that happens, “cancelling” is going to become far deadlier – for people and our nation.