It’s not uncommon to see in the news, especially if you follow a LinkedIn news feed, stories about women breaking new ground or being the first to do this or that.

There was definitely a time when it was more unusual for women to be doing various things like piloting commercial airplanes or playing professional sports.

But that was a while ago. 30 years ago, I was one of three men in a 30 person marketing class. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with, or for, women at every level. In my lifetime, it’s just been normal.

I appreciate that it wasn’t always. But it is now.

Plus, now that anyone can be a woman, how big of a deal is any accomplishment, going forward?

Tom Brady can decide to identify as a woman tomorrow and become not only the first female NFL quarterback to have won six Super Bowl titles, but also the first woman to play quarterback in the NFL.

Now that anyone can identify as whatever they want, doesn’t this pretty much negate all of the hardships and obstacles women have overcome? Can’t we pretty much determine right here that the playing field has been leveled?

I don’t know what took us so long, but since we finally, and thankfully, followed the science and realized that anyone can be any gender they want, we also finally eliminated gender inequality. Literally anyone can, at any time, eliminate any inequality they see or experience by simply reevaluating their gender.

If we can someday discover a way to scientifically identify as different races, it’ll be an absolute breakthrough for race relations in this country.

Until then, we may have to keep relying on being kind to each other and looking past irrelevant physical differences.