It’s very difficult for people to build up immunity to the world around us when you have all these people sanitizing the hell out of everything all the time.

Though I’m not sure we actively acknowledged it at the time, there was some good in our children’s desire to touch and lick and eat everything around them. The exposure to bacteria, germs, and viruses helped them build a strong immune system.

It’s an ability that serves us throughout our lifetime. As we go on, we get exposed to more new germs and mutations of old ones, and hopefully in a way that doesn’t make us ill, or doesn’t kill us, first.

That’s the deal. That’s the nature of life on earth. If you’re going to live hear, you’re going to be exposed to all sorts of things that are, or could be, deadly. From there, it’s a crapshoot.

Some will die. Others will live merrily on, not realizing the things to which they’ve been exposed.

This, as the irritating left likes to say, is science. But as the Party of Projection likes to do, they call us science deniers while denying this fundamental reality of life on earth.

The only way we’re going to beat, or just live with, COVID, or anything else, is to be exposed to it as we go about our lives. Granted, it won’t work out well for everyone. But the vast majority of us will carry on and continue advancing.

So please, to everyone with a bottle of hand sanitizer or a clorox wipe, please, put them down, head outside, and start touching everything.

We’ve come a long way from eating sand from our sandboxes, haven’t we…?