Back in the 1990’s, the idea of putting term limits, or limiting the number of terms a Senator or House Representative can serve started to gain a little traction and pick up steam.

Of course, with the people who need to be term-limited in charge of voting on such a change, it didn’t happen and was never going to happen. Fast forward to now, and I think we have confirmation as to why.

It’s never been clearer in my lifetime that our politicians have sold us out. They don’t represent the best interests of the American people. They serve the dollar and whomever can produce the most of it.

Many think a revolution is near – if we’re not already in it – and if that’s the case, there are going to be many changes. There are going to be many fights. And if Americans win the fight against socialists, big tech, and corporate interests, we’re going to need to apply more permanent fixes. Term limits has to be one of them.

At this point in our nation’s history, people get into politics with the intent to stay. People who run for office are intent on staying there because they see all the entitlements and wealth that goes with it. Gone is the romantic notion that some local resident who wants to serve their country is going to run for a term or two and then go back to civilian life.

It’s hard to find Congresspeople who ran for office, served a term or two, and then went on back to private life. Some do, but most who do leave with sweet connections or jobs they could have only been offered once they had the influence of a United States Congressperson.

Joe Biden served eight terms, and in that time, he set up so many networks and schemes that he ended up with massive wealth and four homes – something not likely (or possible) on his congressional salary.

By instituting one or two term limits on House and Senate seats, we’d be less likely to nominate and elect grifters who are only there to take advantage of the very people who put them there. They’d be more likely to run based with altruistic intent and true care for their constituents.

There are so many changes that need to be made to our country and the rules of government. One of them absolutely needs to be term limits. It’s the only way to reduce the incentive to run just to get rich.