Normally, the Democrats vastly outsmart Republicans when it comes to marketing. (Although, even on a bad day, Democrats are miles ahead of the worst marketing department in the history of marketing.)

But when it comes to defeating President Trump, I think they’ve gone about it all wrong.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have positioned themselves against not only Donald Trump, but the entire country. The way the Democrats have handled the last three years has put them against not only Donald Trump, but jobs, America’s success, and uniting the country against the virus.

As Trump took steps to create jobs – like deregulation, lowering taxes, and talking up the economy – Democrats criticized every step and almost seemed to be unhappy when positive job and wage growth numbers were continually updated. They looked miserable as the country was getting happier.

As Trump raised tariffs against China and started more deliberately competing with them, Democrats seemed to be rooting against us and for China. They criticized and blocked Trump every step of the way. Democrats appeared to be siding with China.

And now, as we face a virus that doesn’t discriminate between political parties, Democrats and Democrat media seem hellbent on getting Trump with every question they ask. Every opportunity they get to take a shot at Trump, they take. They simply take advantage of their 20/20 hindsight, and try their best to rewrite history.

Usually, this strategy has worked for Democrats against Republicans for two reasons: 1) the Republicans have the worst marketing organization in the history of marketing, and 2) people are focused on other things and don’t really get to experience or witness what’s going on for themselves.

But things are different now. Trump is not the normal Republican marketer, and even more significantly, people are focused.

With everything locked down, there are really no diversions or distractions. More Americans than every are watching Trump and his task force every day. They’re seeing the news. They’re hearing more of what politicians are claiming. And because they were paying attention largely from the start, they remember the chain of events for themselves.

Democrats and the media can’t make a false claim about the chain of events. Too many people remember for themselves.

And so finally, they’re exposed. But it didn’t have to be.

I would normally never offer any advice to help Democrat leaders. But as a professional marketer, I just can’t help myself.

When Trump became President, the Democrats knew what Trump voters knew, that Trump, himself, isn’t necessarily known as a stand up guy, and he’s definitely prone to exaggeration.

They could have still won on personality without sacrificing the good of the country. They could have worked with Trump and supported the efforts to grow jobs in America. With a few exceptions of legitimate policy difference, the Democrats could have gotten on board with making this country better.

If they had, then they wouldn’t have to compete on policy and could focus solely on personality and leadership – probably the only areas in which Trump is vulnerable.

Instead, they’re easily painted as the party rooting against America and trying to disrupt the guy who’s policies ushered in one of our largest economic expansions in history.