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If liberals only understood how conservative they were

One of the original motivations for this blog, and my upcoming books, is because there are many people out there who consider themselves liberals, or Democrats, who are actually very conservative. They figure that they’re not racist, homophobic, sexist, or bigoted, and that’s what they’re told conservatives are, so they must be liberal. So they go about their lives applauding and valuing accountability, self-reliance, personal responsibility, taking risks, speaking one’s mind, having a good time, applying common sense, freedom, liberty, understanding how economics work, trying to be a good and fair person, and generally minding their own business: all…

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A marketing idea for Democrats

Normally, the Democrats vastly outsmart Republicans when it comes to marketing. (Although, even on a bad day, Democrats are miles ahead of the worst marketing department in the history of marketing.) But when it comes to defeating President Trump, I think they’ve gone about it all wrong. Unfortunately, the Democrats have positioned themselves against not only Donald Trump, but the entire country. The way the Democrats have handled the last three years has put them against not only Donald Trump, but jobs, America’s success, and uniting the country against the virus. As Trump took steps to create jobs –…

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White supremacy is to climate change what racism is to global warming

When left-leaning politicians and activists saw that the phrase “global warming” was running into the wall of truth that was a 10 year cooling cycle, the vernacular was changed to “climate change.” Who can argue with “climate change?” The climate, by its very nature, is always changing. So you get to be always right. Meanwhile, after decades of calling conservatives “racist,” it has finally begun to ring hollow. The facts just don’t match the claim. So, as with “global warming,” the marketing machine spun up a new phrase for it: “white supremacy.” We can look forward to hearing this…

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