One of the original motivations for this blog, and my upcoming books, is because there are many people out there who consider themselves liberals, or Democrats, who are actually very conservative.

They figure that they’re not racist, homophobic, sexist, or bigoted, and that’s what they’re told conservatives are, so they must be liberal.

So they go about their lives applauding and valuing accountability, self-reliance, personal responsibility, taking risks, speaking one’s mind, having a good time, applying common sense, freedom, liberty, understanding how economics work, trying to be a good and fair person, and generally minding their own business: all foundational elements of conservatism.

And then they vote for Democrats, who have spent the better part of 2020 proving that they are actively and aggressively working to destroy any semblance of all of those things in our society.

This goes to another motivation for starting this blog: conservatives are the worst marketers on the earth. They have a product like personal liberty and freedom, and they have no idea how to articulate it, justify it, explain it, or sell it to others.

But socialists (Democrats) have a fantastic handle on how to market their ideology. They don’t.

Instead, they go on offense and accuse conservatives of representing everything they do. If we’ve learned anything in 2020, we’ve learned that Democrats suppress free speech, practice identity politics and exploit every gender, ethnic, and demographic group they can, and don’t care about anyone who can’t help them achieve power.

Conservatives have always been inclusive and tolerant of all people. To be sure, they’re not shy about telling anyone when they think you’re doing something wrong, unethical, or immoral. But they also do this from a place of forgiveness, because they know all people are flawed and prone to temptation. This is why they also forgive, something that is completely opposite of the cancel culture promoted by Democrats.

If you’ve been reading this blog, and agreeing with the points I’m making, there’s a good chance you’re a conservative. And now would be the perfect time to be deliberate about making the switch.