This is not a blog. You are not online. This page is not on the internet.

These are not words. These words are not in English. This isn’t saying what you think it’s saying.

What is your problem? You are mowing the lawn right now. You always mow the lawn. It’s what you always do. Always

This is not the fourth paragraph. Don’t you even know what paragraphs are? Haven’t you ever seen words? If you have, you’d know these are not them.

This post represents the sum of the Democrat strategy to win the 2020 election.

Don’t believe your ears. Don’t believe your eyes. Forget everything you think you know. Nothing is real. Everything is nothing. Up is down. Black is white. We’re all bad, except for those who are good.

The more absurd the claim, the more it is presented with intense anger and disbelief. The more it flies in the face of reality, the more incredulous the delivery.

This is 2020. This is where we are.

The question is: Will you trust your instincts? Or will you obey your masters?