One of the founding principles of The Bubbler is that we try to be a place where you can find points of view others are afraid to say (or simply hadn’t thought of before). Today’s entry fits that description.

No one in America suffers more discrimination than conservatives.

White supremacy is a myth. There’s nothing to it. I’ve traveled this earth for more than 50 years, and I can’t remember ever meeting or even witnessing a white supremacist. It’s a completely fabricated and exaggerated label that leftists like to apply to conservatives.

The goal of applying this label to conservatives is to make conservatives out to be so reprehensible and irredeemable that it justifies extricating them from society and washing them down the memory hole forever.

Polls reveal the percent of people who want to do away with the First Amendment is on the rise, but it’s not because people have thought of the ramifications or consequences of doing that. It’s only because people who buy the leftist hype figure conservatives are so inhuman that removing the First Amendment will remove their ability to articulate their horrible, racist, bigoted, and homophobic ideas in our society, and that’s worth the risk.

As a result, conservatives are wary of sharing their ideas with others – especially digitally, where their ideas live forever.

Checking any race box other than “white” on an application will almost guarantee consideration as companies fall all over themselves to prove to people they’re supportive of Black Lives Matter, or at least not supportive of the rampant white supremacy running wild in the country.

Look at what happens to known conservatives in this country. You can get shot at, beat up, fired, extricated, or prosecuted, with no consideration for fairness or equity. Leftists and Antifa-types will follow you, physically assault you, scream at you during a restaurant meal, and insult you, without remorse.

Conservatives simply don’t behave this way. They take pride in their peaceful protests. They stand by moral codes and ethics. (Generally speaking, of course.) And they do it without hiding behind a face mask.

If you think of all the racial, religious, demographic, or ideological groups in the country today, which one would you hide more than if you were conservative?