One thing I think many Americans forget is that we’re the boss.

The people in government: the President, Congress, the courts, the bureaucrats, the agencies, all of ’em… they all report to us. They all work for us.

Government is accountable to the American people.

Sometimes we forget that. We think we’re electing people who are going to solve all of our problems. They’re going to take care of us. They may give us some of our own earned money back. Or, maybe they’ll redistribute it to others.

The people running for office want in, and they’ll say anything they need to get elected. But when they’re there. They take us for granted. Incumbents rarely lose, and no matter how much the country can’t stand someone, their district is all they need to vote them back in.

When you’re thinking of voting, consider voting for those who seem to understand they’re serving us. Government is not intended to be a career. It’s a time for service. Elected politicians are supposed to be doing a tour of duty, not a permanent residence.

If you’re considering voting for politicians who get in our face, tell us how it’s going to be, pledge to get rid of us, think they can control us, or think they know better than us, I would suggest thinking again.

This is a government by the people, for the people. If you’re considering voting, just remember that you’re in charge, and you don’t have to put up with anything you don’t like.